Digital Risk Protection

ZeroDay Defence Digital Risk Protection secures your brand and customers against digital security risks across web domains, social media, and the deep and dark web. It’s the only solution that gives you a holistic defense for all your digital engagement channels.

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Social Media Protection Digital Risk Protection secures your company and customers from digital risks for your entire social media infrastructure
Web Domain Fraud Monitoring Protect your domain investments from domain squatters, typo phishing campaigns and other infringing domains.
Executive and Location Threat Monitoring Digital Risk Protection helps you gain situational awareness of potential social media threats against your key executives and locations.
Digital Compliance Engaging on digital channels while ensuring compliance doesn’t have to be a headache.
Protect your brandfrom social media, web domain and dark web threats
  • Protect your social media accounts with automated, real-time protection against hacks, phishing, malicious content and compliance risks : Social Media Protection continuously scans the social media sphere to find accounts affiliated with your brand. You’ll know right away when there’s a new account attempting to impersonate your brand for unauthorized or fraudulent use. Digital Risk Protection automatically identifies high-risk content and can remove it in seconds. With our out-of-the-box policy templates, you can manage social media security, compliance and acceptable use. With a few clicks, you can set policies for a wide range of industries and regulations; no rule-writing or keyword lists needed. Policies can even activate at set times to stop your sensitive information, such as product announcements, from leaking to the public.We provide 110 classifiers that leverage our patent-pending Deep Social Linguistic Analysis (DSLA) technology for unrivaled accuracy. Digital Risk Protection can even analyze text within pictures.
  • Secure your business against domain-based threats : If a domain infringes your brand, we’ll find it. We use a highly scalable detection system to continuously analyze more than 350 domains across WHOIS data sources. With high-quality intelligence and wide coverage, you get accurate details of any domains that pose a security, trademark or other risk to your company and customers. Our research has found that nearly one-fourth of domains imitating corporate brands also have active MX records. In other words, these domains are ready to send emails to your unsuspecting customers and employees. We provide the only solution that gives you deep visibility into domains and their email activity. Armed with this insight, you can take action to stop potential phishing attacks, business email compromise and more.
  • Comprehensive Digital Landscape Coverage : Monitor across social media and the deep, dark and surface web for visibility into all relevant cyber threats to your key employees and locations. Our enterprise threat intelligence systems analyze more than 15 million deep, dark, and surface web pages daily and applies over 125 natural-language-processing algorithms to monitor content and identify cyber security threats, executive impersonation, and other risks to your executives and locations. We discover the most critical and relevant cyber threats and eliminate the noise of false positives and non-threatening web chatter.
  • Scalable compliance for your digital content and social media retention made easy : ZeroDay Defence helps you meet supervision and monitoring rules by giving you complete visibility across email, instant messages, collaboration tools and social media. We also provide you with real-time dashboards, alerts and reporting. This gives you the ability to identify and resolve potentially damaging digital compliance violations quickly and accurately. This allows you to stay compliant and respond to audit requests at a moment’s notice.