Secure your investments in Microsoft 365, Google G Suite, and other cloud applications

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ACCESSS Secure access to data and cloud apps
THREAT PROTECTION Protect against cloud threats and account compromise
DATA SECURITY Defend your data in the cloud
MANAGE Discover and govern SaaS and IaaS services
Protecting Against Business Email Compromise Phishing
  • The cloud enables universal access, but that doesn’t mean you should. Certain users or groups are highly attacked or are privileged to high-value data and/or critical systems. Our people-centric approach to cloud security provides adaptive access to approved data and applications based on risk, context, and the users’ role. Increase access security policies for specific people and/or sensitive apps and data, or limit access altogether based on risk and productivity needs.
  • Protecting your people as you invest in Microsoft 365, G Suite, and other cloud apps is critical. Proofpoint helps you prevent, detect, and respond to the cloud threats impacting your users. This includes compromised accounts, risky third-party, malicious files, and more. Get actionable visibility into your very attacked people (VAPs) and establish security controls to protect them as they work in the cloud.
  • Cloud applications help your people easily create, access, and share valuable data. But this also mean your data could be shared excessively and accessed outside your network or from unmanaged devices. Proofpoint defends against data breaches and compliance violations as your people work in the cloud. Prevent misuse of sensitive data, whether malicious or unintentional, across cloud vectors.
  • Protecting your people and data, while allowing third-party cloud apps can be a challenge. Proofpoint provides unmatched visibility across cloud applications that allows you to manage your cloud security posture without sacrificing end-user productivity. We help you discover cloud apps, easily assess their risks, and contain Shadow IT, including third-party apps for Microsoft 365, G Suite, and more.