Ensure business continuity and secure user access to your corporate resources along with seamless security and connectivity as users work from anywhere

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Secure User Access
  • Secure applications and network resources; reduce the attack surface with zero-trust access for all users
  • Replace slow, awkward VPN connections with a global backbone that allows remote users to connect to the nearest PoP for better performance and quality of service from anywhere in the world
  • Get device protection—every user device has a unique identity that is authenticated, authorized and verified for every packet in real time, not only on initial access, with always on security
  • Manage all policies from the simple Proofpoint Meta admin console in the cloud

Organization Wide Compliance
  • Cloud-based communications and collaboration tools are a must for employees working from home. Getting these communications to your archive can challenge and strain limited IT resources. Proofpoint makes it simple for you to capture, archive and manage communications across sources.
  • Employees need unfettered, secure access to their archived information. This holds true whether it’s as simple as retrieving a customer email that’s vanished from the active mail system or as complex as responding to a critical e-discovery request with tight deadlines. With Proofpoint, you can easily provision your users to access what they need, wherever they need it.
  • If you’re part of an essential, highly-regulated financial services firm, compliance is of utmost importance. With Proofpoint, your analysts have the tools they need to supervise digital communications and ensure compliance with regulations—whether they’re in the office or working from home.