Upgrade Your Symantec Email Security to ZeroDay Defence

Email threats are evolving more rapidly than ever. Cyber criminals employ multiple techniques including malware distributed by attachments or unsafe URLs and malware-free attacks like credential phishing and email fraud. And they continuously refine their use of social engineering, relying on human intervention to install malware, initiate fraudulent transactions, steal data and other malicious activities. It's clear that in this threat landscape, you need a proven email security solution that can keep pace with ever-changing email attacks.

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BLOCK NON-MALWARE THREATS The most effective email security
CLASSIFY AND QUARANTINE EMAIL Unparalleled visibility and insights
MAINTAIN EMAIL COMMUNICATIONS Invested in customer success
Uncertain about your Symantec future?/span>
  • As the threat landscape constantly evolves, Proofpoint continues to deliver innovative technology to protect your inbound and outbound email. Proofpoint email security can detect and block advanced threats with capabilities like static and dynamic URL and attachment sandboxing. It can stop impostor attacks with layered defenses that protect against the multiple avenues and tactics used in email fraud attacks.
  • Knowing who the most attacked people are in your organization is critical to providing the effective cybersecurity. Proofpoint email security provides unmatched visibility into who your most attacked people and departments are. And it gives you detailed insights into the threats being used to attack your people.
  • Proofpoint is dedicated to your success. We reinvest 20% of our revenues into research and development—one of the highest rates in the industry—so our customers can stay ahead of the changing threat landscape. That’s why more than 95% of our subscription customers choose to renew with us. And it’s why we are the No. 1 choice of the Fortune 100, Fortune 500, Fortune 1000 and Global 2000.